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Today’s post is a bit of a hodgepodge, but I’ve got lots of great news to share!

First, all 69 authors of The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories got a happy surprise when this happened:

BBOO Top Rated on Amazon

TBBOO Rated #1 on Amazon E-books!

Wow! Our fabulous editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, did an amazing job getting this book out into the world and in people’s hands, and it clearly paid off! I couldn’t be more delighted to be part of this book. I also finally finished reading the entire anthology and can confirm that every story was a treat. Haven’t picked it up yet? You can buy it on Amazon here, and my excerpt for “The Flogger” can be found right here.

Things got even more exciting when Ms. Bussel announced that Rose Caraway of The Kiss Me Quicks would be narrating The Big Book of Orgasms! No word on a release date just yet, but I’m a big fan of Ms. Caraway’s podcasts. She did a fantastic two-hour year-end show called “Halo Sex,” which included multiple sexy stories narrated to NIN’s music—you should check it out if you haven’t heard it yet! It was hot!

But wait, there’s more! Best Women’s Erotica 2014 ended up in audio form as well! It is narrated by Lucy Malone and is apparently a fabulous audio version. Would you like to hear all of these sexy stories in audio form? You can find the anthology on iTunes and Audible. Hurray! Also, if you’d like to check out my excerpt for “Toys,” you can take your pick from the intro excerpt or the spicier excerpt (specially hosted by Tamsin’s Superotica). 😉

Now, I have fun news specifically related to this blog: I will be hosting a very exciting guest in two weeks! Your breath will catch. Your toes will curl. You’ll be out of your mind with the deliciousness of it all! But until then…I’m going to zip my lips like the giant tease I am. Stay close for that one!

Lastly, I’m happy to report some personal news—I’ve been hard at work on my first erotica novel. *Squee!* After penning a couple dozen shorts (and as mentioned in my previous post, a couple non-erotica novels), I decided it was high time to take on the ultimate marathon novel. Thanks to a little holiday free-time and my somewhat insane tendencies toward hyper-focused dedication (did I put on pants today?), I’m about three-quarters of the way through. I was going to get one of those nifty counter thingies to put over on my sidebar because they tickle me, but by the time I remembered, I was already at 58k. Uh, whoops. Next book. 😉

Anyway, this is quite thrilling (at least, for me). I set some steep 2014 goals for myself and I’m ready to tackle them all! Stay tuned for more news on the novel as I progress on through…

I have more fun things to share, but for now I’m going to bat my eyelashes and leave you in anticipation. 🙂 In the meantime, please don’t forget to check out all the audio works above!


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  1. Oh WOW! Thanks so much for the mentions, Jade! I very much appreciate your spreading the word about this episode and that you are a fan of the KMQ Podcast! That is fantastic! This NIN episode truly had the fans in mind and nothing makes us happier than to bring exciting, free erotica stories to all the Lurid Listeners out there and to be able to include Trent Reznor’s music. I am just so grateful for all the talent, writing and narrating-wise that made the year-end episode rock, hard! I am recording The Big Book of Orgasms as we speak and can’t wait to get that out to everyone as well! Rachel Kramer Bussel is an amazing editor and has quite the knack for collecting just the right stories!
    ~Rose Caraway

    • No problem at all, Rose! I simply love your work. I started listening to you back when I found out I’d be doing my first reading, and I wanted to hear someone well-rehearsed in such a thing. You were definitely a helpful part of that, and I’ve continued to listen! (Though one must be mindful of location when listening to erotica…eh-hm.) The Halo Sex show really was a tremendous effort from all parties involved, but kudos to you for organizing and narrating in such a masterpiece! I can’t wait to hear The Big Book of Orgasms narrated, and of course, I’m particularly excited to hear you read my story. Yippee! 😉

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