Poetic Naughtiness — “Power”

In my younger years, I wrote a lot of poetry. It started in elementary school, when apparently I wrote material so dark the principal kept calling my parents in to discuss my suicidal tendencies (sorry, mom). This random fact has always surprised me, since I’m an eternal optimist—as in, “Screw the glass half full, I have a glass!”—but it is what it is. Little me wrote deep, dark, angry poems.

In high school, I switched gears and began writing deep, dark, dramatic poems. Huge improvement, right? Suddenly, I was not only writing about blackening flowers and body-bruising windstorms but bemoaning the loss of various heart breaker boyfriends. I wrote poems multiple times a day, and in fact, I still have my tattered-page journals filled with heart-wrenching verse and doodles I couldn’t make sense of if I tried. But eventually, the urge wore off; I realized I preferred fiction to poetry…

With the exception of erotic poetry. This was my little secret—all those deep, dark emotions I used to channel had turned into something sexier, sultrier, more explicit. Occasionally, I passed a piece on to a lucky boyfriend. Mostly, I kept it on my hard drive just for me.

That is, until today.Black and white image of man kissing woman's neck

You may remember The Erotic Woman, the lovely site that featured my story “Marm” a couple weeks back? Well, they have a fondness for erotic poetry, too, and now, I’m delighted to debut my first public erotic poem! So…please hop on over and take a peek at “Power.” Oh, and an advisory: The Erotic Woman does include some NSFW images, so be prepared to read and enjoy the view. 😉

As for “Power”—I hope you enjoy it!


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