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A couple months ago, I shared a pretty picture under the title Any Excuse (for Ass) just because. It was a good picture, and I’m thinking that every once in a while, we need a similar visual treat here. I mean, why not? I admit, this could be on my mind because I’ve been stalking hot men on Pinterest playing on Pinterest lately, or maybe because sometimes I think we can all use a little eye candy, but today the fates have collided to provide you with two pretty images!

Rough life, huh?

The first is an image I found while researching <cough>, and it was simply too hot not to share:

Sexy black and white image of man crawling on beach in only his black briefs.

Admit it—you like it, too.

I don’t know what’s going on with this guy. Maybe he’s lost a ring in the sand. Maybe he’s crying over his woman running away off camera (what?) or getting stung by a jellyfish. Or, he needs to show off how good his ass looks in his trunks, and wants people to wish they were the sand beneath him (I do). No matter what the reason, this photo needed to be seen.

Naturally, in the name of research and to find a picture that would work for everyone (since that one might not have done it for some of you), I decided to do a little more snooping. I can’t entirely explain the channels I navigated, but let’s say I randomly stumbled upon the model who stars on the cover of Holiday Spice (which includes my story, “Office Santa“). Some of you may remember how much I oohed and ahhed over the cover model, and it turns out this site had a whole bunch of photos of him. I found the following just for you:

Couple getting cozy with Paris in the background

I’m sorry, is that Paris in the background? I’m too distracted.

Anyway, I think I had a point to today’s post, but I lost it.

FYI, the stock title for the above picture is “Young sexy couple making passionate love in bed against window overlooking Paris skyline with retro vintage sepia tones.”

But let’s not get too specific about it, okay?


P.S. Seriously fantastic thing happening here next week! Yes, June 4th…stay close! 🙂


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