The Poem Challenge Day 4: “Like This”

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So, here we are on Day 4 of my 7-Day Poetry Challenge which stemmed from Tamsin Flowers’s fabulous idea for all of the Pillow Talk gals to write a poem, and today as promised I have another poem for you!

This one is a bit longer, and it’s quite naughty. Well, it’s naughty, sassy, and all sorts of fun, if you ask me.

But I’ll let you be the judge. 😉

Here is “Like This”…

Sepia lowlight image of woman faced away, wearing garter belt.
Jade A. Waters

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
Me, bent over the couch arm
Ass up and red from all the times
You spanked me
Both because you knew it made me wet
And because George was standing there,
Rooting you on.
But then it wasn’t supposed to be like this
All those other times, either—
You, cuffing me to the iron frame of our bed
And pushing my legs apart so he could see
The dripping well between my legs,
Or George, nudging me back in the shower
While you watched him thrust his fingers
Deep inside my cunt.
It is George, after all,
Good old pal from choir—Oh,
What if we let him come watch, honey?—George.
Yes, the idea made me blush
The idea made me wet
The idea made me come so hard when you whispered it over me
While we fucked,
That naturally, it ended up like this.

You crack your hand over my ass again
Drawing me back to the moment,
Making me roll my hips in desperate need
Rubbing my clit on the arm of the couch.
George has come up beside you;
I can tell because we’ve had him over so many times—
His breath is a little heavier than yours,
But never quite as fast.
“She really has the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen,” he groans
And I imagine how hard that makes your cock,
How bad you want to fuck me like this
Hell, how bad I need you to fuck me now, like this.
But in measured silence,
The both of you decide to touch me.
I’m losing my mind
As a whole bunch of fingers are spreading my legs wider
Dipping between my pussy lips
Pinching my clit
Shoving inside me
And making sure I’m good and wet
(As if that was some kind of concern).
Then you, sweet lover of mine
Take a minute to smack my ass a couple more times.

“Would you like to fuck her first this time, or should I?”
Your voice is almost sing-songy,
A perfect melody of promises
Fingers still filling me before another spank heats my ass,
And I swear, honey
It is unreal how loud I’m moaning right now,
Bucking against this couch arm.
I could come just with the two of you
Staring at my ass and beginning the
Negotiation like this.
George chimes in,
“Tough call. Maybe we should tease her a bit more?”
I have a second to wonder
If the two of you should start a duet,
Call it Dynamic Dicks or something,
But the thought, once again, is fleeting.
“Great idea, George. This is why we have you over.”
This definitely wasn’t what I expected,
The two of you now parting my cheeks,
Whipping a rush of anticipation up my spine.
I bite the couch upholstery to temper my cries.
It’s going to be a long, good night
Like this.


I hope you enjoyed this one!

Want to read more? Please read “Morning Desire,” “You and Only You,” and “In the Dark” from Days 1 through 3. You can also read my poem “Awake the Nymph” at Vanillerotica and “Power” and “Pink” over at The Erotic Woman. (Please be advised—TEW has NSFW images!)

Thanks so much for joining me for Day 4!

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