Crazy Smokin’ Hot Cover Reveal: Rose Caraway’s Dirty 30!

Guys, guys, guys—roll out the red carpet. Pull back the curtains. I have a cover to show you…

In a second.

Look, before we do this, I have to be honest—while I often find many covers sexy in some fashion, I really don’t judge books by covers these days. There’s so much that goes into the cover that has absolutely nothing to do with the true beauty inside (metaphor much?), so I tend not to get too fired up over what a cover looks like. For a moment, I’ll ooh. Occasionally, I’ll ahh. And then I’ll open the damn thing and read, completely blocking out what I saw on the cover.

But this…holy fucking torpedo, Batman! This cover is, hands down, the sexiest cover I’ve ever seen.


Cover of Rose Caraway's Dirty 30

It appears Rose and Big Daddy Caraway just took my “I don’t care about covers” spiel and tore it all up to shreds. I mean, just LOOK at this thing! I’m not sure if it’s that this gal’s attire reminds me of my clubbing days (*gazes out window in moment of naughty nostalgia*) or if it’s just that it’s so perfectly suggestive and provocative without in-your-face nudity or the nondescript tie plus heel combo that keeps appearing, like, everywhere—but this is superb!

So, suffice it to say (as if I wasn’t already excited enough), I am now crazy giddy to be part of Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty audiobook anthology. I’ll have more to share on “The Doll” and “The Bells”—my two stories in this one—in the near future, as well as a release date.

Until then, please scroll back up and look again. I mean it. And I encourage you to judge away, too, because this cover is clearly indicative of one seriously hot anthology!

I can’t wait!


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