Malin and I Talk Fifty Shades of Grey – in Stereo!

As you may well know, Malin James and I are the best of pals. We have a knack for chatter, laughter, and ridiculously good times. So for Valentine’s Day this year, we opted to take ourselves out to see the hugely hyped and widely discussed Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, we do write erotica and all, so it made sense—and by golly, we were going to go into it open-minded and with the intent of making the best of it.

Here we are before the show:

Jade and Malin at 50

Pre-Fifty Shades in Our Super Shades

Since we’d both planned to write blog posts on the movie, we had some things to bounce around afterward. But when we found ourselves chatting over our usual Thai lunch with so very many things to say, we got to thinking…what if we just had this chat over a microphone and shared our thoughts in audio with all of you?

So, that’s exactly what we did. We ended up having a smashing good time (so much so that we should probably apologize in advance for how loud the cackling got), and we hope you enjoy our take on this highly debated erotica blockbuster.

Also, I should mention: outtakes. 🙂

And with that…

Malin and Jade Talk Fifty Shades of Grey:

Thank you so much for joining us!


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  1. I’m feeling all gushy. I just had so much fun with you. Thanks for a completely wonderful day from start to finish. It’s also kind of cool that we have a recorded souvenir of it! (I’m totally sentimental!) 😀 xoxox

    • Oh my goodness, I’m feeling the same! I had a blast (as I always do), but getting to record our antics for the world (okay, maybe, what, five people?) was super fun. I hope those listening enjoy it as much as we did, and I’m glad we found fun in Fifty. Heh. I think we’ll need more recordings in our future…! XOXO

  2. Jade, this was a great listen. I’ve already posted a long and babbly response on Malin’s blog, so won’t subject you to the same (!) but just wanted say how much I enjoyed listening to your respective thoughts on the film. Jane xxx

    • Jane, I just popped over to Malin’s and read your comments, and I totally love all your thoughts! I really appreciate you listening, and you definitely inspired a bit of the conversation (and yes, I agree the Goulding song would make a great BDSM video). I’m so happy you enjoyed hearing us babble, and hopefully we will get to do it again in the future! Thanks for swinging by! XX

  3. That was fantastic to listen to, and really interesting (not having read the books or seen the movie, but having read many many reviews of both). The outtakes at the end were an unexpected bonus!

    *hands you both zip ties*

    xx Dee

    • I am so happy to hear you enjoyed it, Dee! Thank you for listening. We had a lovely time recording it, as I’m sure you can tell (heh heh zip ties). It was definitely an interesting movie…Thank you again for listening and commenting! XX

    • Thanks, Dee! Jade basically said it, but thanks for stopping to listen. The outtakes were especially fun – that was all Jade’s idea, as was the whole recording really! Really glad you enjoyed! And thanks for the zip ties 😀

      xx Malin

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