“Toys” Joins Molly’s Storytime KissCast!

Hello everyone! I’m very excited today for a couple of reasons—namely, the lovely Molly Moore of Molly’s Daily Kiss, and my little ole story, “Toys.”

You may recall that the ever-sweet and charming Molly interviewed me a while back on her new KissCast podcast. The episodes she’s put out since have been so delightful—I’m enjoying getting to learn about a bunch of erotica authors and bloggers, and of course listening to Molly chat with them in her fabulous style. But a little after we had our super fun episode, she asked if I might want to narrate one of my stories as part of a podcast devoted entirely to authors reading their words.

Um, HELL YES.KissCastLips

Well, good news—the episode is out now! I’m so proud to be reading alongside the amazing authors BD Swain, Malin James, and Malfic. And though “Toys” made its debut in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, I’m thrilled to get to share it with you in its entirety here—in your ears! A giant thank you to Molly for including me in this fantastic Storytime episode!

So, please click right here to give the Storytime podcast a listen. I hope you enjoy not only “Toys,” but the whole episode of smokin’ pieces from a wonderful crew.

Thank you for listening!


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