Beyond 50 — “Others”

Edited by D.L. King

“Others” is included in this fantastic sampler anthology!

Beyond 50 is out now, and is absolutely free. Please read on for an excerpt and links to get your copy!

Cover of Beyond 50

Can’t get enough Fifty Shades of Grey? The authors in Beyond 50 have come together to give you 50 FREE samples of their erotic musings.

Millions of readers around the world are caught up in the magic and romance of power and surrender, role-playing and kinky passions. Or, as some call it, BDSM.

But did you know there’s a wealth of BDSM themed-literature and media available now and coming soon, just waiting for you to discover?

Sensual romances. Gritty thrillers. Spellbinding fantasy. Darkly passionate suspense and horror. Dramatic historical adventures. Edgy erotica. Gorgeous art and photographs. Honest memoirs. From short stories to long novels, from subtle and light to explicit and nasty. Even helpful and sexy non-fiction to help bring your more risqué thoughts to life!

No matter what your interest, there’s a world of other authors ready to give your imagination a tasty turn. Whether you want only one style and theme or care to delve into a whole universe of passion, romance, danger and delight, you can find something just to your taste. All sexual identities and orientations and any match-up between them can be found in some of these scorching pages, and some you’ve never even heard of. Take the plunge and explore. Taste and nibble and maybe find so many more colors to paint your dreams and desires.

Laura Antoniou • D. L. King • Tamsin Flowers • Violet Blue • K. D. Grace • Cameryn Moore • Janine Ashbless • Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks • C. P. Mandara • Korin I. Dushayl • I.G. Frederick • Sacchi Green • Elizabeth Lister • Sassafras Lowrey • Beth Wylde • Sinclair Sexsmith • Skye Callahan • Laci Paige • Leya Wolfgang • Payne Hawthorne • Jay Lygon • Lisabet Sarai • Penelope Syn • Malin James • Annabel Joseph • Cecilia Tan • Tammy Jo Eckhart • Sherri Hayes • Cris Anson • Kira Barker • Lucy Felthouse • R. E. Hargrave • Jade A. Waters • Roz Lee • Elizabeth Schechter • Felice Fox • Red Phoenix • Cara Downey • Bo Blaze • Avery Cassell • Janet W. Hardy • Lee Harrington • Kate Kinsey • Sinclair Sexsmith

Read an excerpt of “Others”:

On her 35th birthday, Carley found herself ass-up in the Kink Club.

Jeremy took her here for any big celebration—her birthday or his, a promotion, and even the time they made it safely through a pregnancy scare. He was a masterful lover, and though she would love him till death did them part, sometimes things just needed a little extra kick.

At the Kink, Jeremy became a different man. He wasn’t her tender, lovemaking husband; here he was a passionate commander. Carley always followed his instructions, losing herself in the orders to touch him, suck him, or even spread her lips wide as he fucked her senseless in front of the other attendees. And of course, there was the time at his birthday three months ago, when he chose another woman and told Carley if she had any hope of him sticking his cock deep inside her, she better make out with her.

And she had.

So before Jeremy had left her here—tenderly caressing her cheek, then slamming his hand against her bottom to demand that she bend until her skirt crept high over her ass and the cold air tickled her damp, hot cunt—she thought the next natural step would be for him to ask her to really play with a woman. And while she wasn’t much into girls, the way Jeremy would pump her for hours after made compliance an easy option.

But now she waited…


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