Official cover of The Discipline by Jade A Waters

New Year, Fun News!

Happy 2017, everyone!

It’s a new year, which means all sorts of fun new things are happening. Woo hoo! As you may have heard, my debut erotic romance novel, The Assignment, released back in December—it’s been very exciting! But, thankfully, the wild release ride isn’t over yet. I’m thrilled to share not only that Lessons in Control book two, The Discipline, is out in a couple short months on March 13th and ready to pre-order now, but that we have an official back cover blurb to go with its sexy ass front cover. Score!Official cover of The Discipline by Jade A Waters

In just a moment, you’ll find some enticing information about what’s ahead in book two for dear Maya Clery and her romantic lead, Dean Sova…but don’t forget to read on after, since I have some nifty events to remind you of, too.

For now, let me introduce you to The Discipline…

How far would you go to fulfill a fantasy? 

Maya Clery has taken risks before. Her relationship with Dean Sova started out as a risk—a series of sexual assignments, each hotter, wilder, more intense than the last. Exploring her submissive side with a powerful, trustworthy Dominant has been everything she hoped for, everything she needed.

Dean pushes Maya to her limits—it’s one of the things she loves most about him. But as they push the boundaries outside their sex life, meeting friends and family members, Maya realizes there’s still much she doesn’t know about the man with whom she’s sharing her bed.

And when a fantasy simmering between them becomes their latest challenge, past secrets begin to reveal weaknesses in their relationship that neither is ready to face.

Book two of Lessons in Control  

This book is approximately 78,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise! Find out more at

Oh, man-o. Are you excited? I’m excited. I have had so much fun writing Maya and Dean’s journey, so I can’t wait for the second installment of their story to make its way into your hands. And, though you can preorder the book now, there’s still a little time to kill before you’ll have it delivered. Fortunately, I have two sexy and free reading events I hope you’ll join me at this month to tide you over!

The first is just around the corner on January 24th, in Oakland, California. It’s the Dirty Old Women Read Erotica event at Octopus Literary Salon at 2101 Webster Street (at 22nd). I’m delighted to be one of the two featured readers there that night! The event starts at 7:30 p.m. with an open mic, and then both Zoe Kat and I will be reading some sexiness to you from 8 to 9. I’ll be reading a smoking hot excerpt from The Assignment, and I’ll also have some swag from the book for those who attend. I sure hope you join us!

Swag for The Assignment

I’ve got swag!

Then, one week later on January 31st, I’ll be down in L.A. with the fabulous Rachel Kramer Bussel as well as authors Jocelyn Bringas and Melina Greenport to celebrate the just released Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 2. We’ll be reading at Skylight Books L.A. at 1818 N. Vermont Avenue starting at 7:30 pm, with excerpts from both volumes out so far. I’ll be taking you on an erotic, romantic, Shakespearean inspired journey with a snippet from my contribution to Volume 1, “Ophelia the Second.” This story is one that’s still quite dear to me, so I do hope you’ll make it out to visit and enjoy the free reading. And if you miss the earlier Dirty Old Women reading, don’t worry—I’ll have some swag from The Assignment for you to grab there, as well. I look forward to seeing you at both events, so please come out, hear some sexy words, and say hi!

Until these awesome readings, please be sure to pick up your copy of The Assignment if you haven’t already done so, and also pre-order your copy of The Discipline today. The final book, The Reward, will be out not all that far away in June…so you’ll want to be read up and ready for when that time arrives!

Please check out the Lessons In Control page for all buy links and info for The Assignment, and you can pre-order your copy of The Discipline at:

Amazon US   Amazon UK   Carina Press   Barnes & Noble   Google Play   iBooks   Kobo

Thanks so much for joining in and reading, and I look forward to seeing you in Oakland and L.A. soon!


All three covers of Jade A. Waters's Lessons in Control series!

The Discipline and The Reward — Cover Reveals!

Hello everyone!

As you may know, I’ve been working away at the Lessons in Control series, which launches with The Assignment on December 12th. Wee! I’m so damn excited! The series is releasing not only soon but at rapid fire speed, with book 2, The Discipline, out in March ’17 and book 3, The Reward, out not all that much later—in June! Woo hoo!

I’m currently working on the third book to turn into my editor at the end of the year, but while that’s in motion, all sorts of thrilling things have been happening on the sidelines. Are you ready for the biggest?

I received these ridiculously sexy covers for book 2 and 3!




Wow. I don’t know about you, but I seriously swooned when I saw all three of these together. In fact, why don’t I just go ahead and show you all three in a row, too:


OMG. OMG. Aren’t they to die for? Carina Press seriously knocked it out of the park here. I’m so happy!

All right… *Breathes x 1,000* What else, what else? Well, besides deciding that the triple threat image above is going to need to get framed and hung on the dining room wall I keep rambling on about being too bare, I’ve also been working on a blog tour for The Assignment. Yay! I’m getting pumped to share details about this soon because I’ve got a ton of awesome, lovely people involved, but for now I’ll just say the party kicks off December 4th and you won’t want to miss it. It’s going to be so fun, with lots of exclusives, giveaways, interviews, info about the book and whole series, and more! I can’t wait!

In the meantime, you can find both The Assignment and The Discipline available for pre-order for your Kindle, and the first book at a few other sources, too (find all of them here). I hope you’ll please add both books to your shelves on Booklikes (you can find The Assignment here and The Discipline here), and please mark The Assignment as “Want to Read” on Goodreads.

I’d also like to ask that if you haven’t yet signed up for my newsletter, please do. Newsletter subscribers are the first to hear about news and special events, and will get various exclusives during the course of the Lessons in Control series. The first? An absolutely free preview of the first chapter of The Assignment BEFORE it’s released—but you can only have access if you sign up. I hope you do!

Finally, I wanted to let you in on a reading I have booked down in L.A. on January 31, 2017, hosted by the lovely Rachel Kramer Bussel at Skylight Books in honor of the Best Women’s Erotica of the Year series. There, I’ll be reading with the fabulous Melina Greenport, Jocelyn Bringas, and Ms. Bussel herself. You can find more info right here. I’ll be reading a snippet of “Ophelia the Second,” which was included in Best Women’s Erotica of the Year, Volume 1, and I’ll have some swag for The Assignment to give you there, too. Hurray! We hope you’ll come out and say hi!

All right, that’s it for now, folks. Thanks for reading and I look forward to sharing more soon!


Cover for Jade A. Waters's The Assignment, Book One in Lessons in Control

The Assignment—Cover Reveal!

Hi everybody! I’ve been super quiet for a while, working away on my forthcoming Lessons in Control series—but today, I’m so enthralled to share all sorts of good stuff with you about my debut novel and the first book in the series, The Assignment. I’ve got news, excitement, and perhaps most importantly,




Wowsa! Yes, that’s right! I do! So, let’s start with the cover…

Cover of The Assignment by Jade A. Waters

OMG. I can’t even tell you how pumped I am over this cover! First, there’s the super snazzy lettering that I love. Then there’s the hot ass couple the design team picked to represent the book’s heroine, Maya Clery, and the entrancing hero Dean Sova, who leads her out into a world of all sorts of sexy fun. On top of that, Carina Press rocked my world by managing to capture a touch of the Bay Area water scenery in that glorious pier in the background. Why is this so awesome? The Assignment and all sequential books are set in this very area, where coastal views are everywhere—and since in real life I’m rather fond of these views, I wanted that love of the area to transfer into the books. I’m just so ecstatic you can catch a glimpse of that on the cover. Hurray!

Speaking of the Carina Press team, I need to say they’ve been phenomenal in every stage of working on this series, from editing to all the ins and outs of setting up for press time. I’m tickled to be working with them, and of course, as we get closer to the December release date (currently listed as December 12th, but these things sometimes fluctuate), I’ll have tons more news and info for you.

Okay. Before I get to the blurb (I know, I know, delayed gratification!), I wanted to let you know a few things. First, you can pre-order The Assignment on Amazon Kindle or at various other e-tailers linked below. I’d also love for you to mark it as “Want to Read” on Goodreads or add the book to your shelves over on Booklikes if you’re a member there. And, while I will be posting news about the series here on my blog, I’ll be sending out more info about various events and other exclusive ditties through my currently quarterly newsletter, which will launch at the end of September. Not a subscriber? I’d love for you to join the fun, and as a special incentive, I’m offering all those who have subscribed by September 15th, 2016 a free, never before published flash story (about 1100 words) by me. That’s right—free story for you if you subscribe by 9/15/16! I do hope you will, and those of you who are already subscribed will be able to get this freebie after the deadline, too. 🙂 Thanks so much for subscribing!

All right. I think it’s time for something that tells you about the story, hmm? Ready? Without further ado, I’m delighted to share the official blurb for book one in Lessons in Control, The Assignment:

What would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?




Dean Sova is everything Maya Clery craves. From the first touch, their connection is intense. After leaving her troubled past behind, Maya thought she was happy—she is happy—but meeting Dean forces her to acknowledge dark needs she longs to explore yet has never had the courage to face.

Her perfect match, Dean encourages Maya to set loose the submissive urges inside her in a series of assignments intended to open her mind and test the limits of pleasure…but Maya isn’t sure she can fully let go of her inhibitions.

What would you do if someone offered to fulfill your wildest fantasies?

The answer seems obvious. You take the offer and hope the price isn’t too high.

Book one of Lessons in Control

This book is approximately 81,000 words

One-click with confidence. This title is part of the Carina Press Romance Promise: all the romance you’re looking for with an HEA/HFN. It’s a promise! Find out more at


Wow. I am way damn excited. Are you? I sure hope so! I promise I have more info to come, but in the meantime, if you’re intrigued and needing something to tide you over until the official release of The Assignment, please check out my Free Reads page to enjoy some of my work. And if you’re a visual person, feel free to hop on over to my Pinterest boards for some Maya and Dean visuals that inspired me as I worked. Also, make sure you’re following me on Twitter if you aren’t already since I’ll be posting lots of info there, too, and please subscribe to the newsletter—don’t forget, a free flash story awaits for anyone subscribed by September 15!

Finally, I hope you’ll pre-order The Assignment at any of the links below. Thanks so much for reading and joining me on this exciting journey, because—in case it’s at all unclear—I’m bouncing off the walls for the release of this series! Yippee!!

Pre-order book one, The Assignment, today:

(eISBN: 9781459293588)

nook logo




P.S. We are planning a blog tour for The Assignment starting somewhere around late November and running through late December-ish. Interested in taking part? I’d love it so much! Please send me an email at with your name and website address if this intrigues you, and I’ll get you info once I have it!


My personal optimist motto pencils, a gift from Alison Tyler

Looking Up

Up until about a month ago, things over here were—oh, how to put this?—really fucking cray-cray in the brain department. There was a lot of good going on (and more I’ll get to shortly), and I tried to center my online attention to that—but offline, I was a wreck. This has all passed now, thank god, but things were pretty dark for a bit there.

I talked in a previous post about the sensory migraines that took over my life—but what I stayed pretty quiet on was the adjustment to the medication my doctor prescribed. Once it kicked in, it helped tremendously—but the month-long adjustment period was torture. My brain was definitely not my own for that wild ride, and, honestly, if you and I had a conversation anywhere in that month, I probably have no solid recollection of what we talked about. On top of that, other than one flash piece inspired by my migraines and a couple poems I scribbled in brief moments of clarity, I wrote little (coherently, anyway). It wasn’t until after I signed off of Skype from my interview with the wonderful Rose Caraway about my story in Libidinous Zombie that I realized how wildly out of my head I felt. Yikes!

Fortunately, my doctor turned out to be a genius. After that month of adjustment—and practically overnight—everything turned…well, normal. My migraines damn near disappeared, and all the side effects I was experiencing completely vanished. I keeMy personal optimist motto pencils, a gift from Alison Tylerp describing it as the way the sky looks after a storm, when the clouds pull back to reveal a clear blue world—but I kid you not, it’s what my head felt like after that period passed. My spirits soared, and my usual optimist Fuck half full, I have a glass! self was ready to go screaming from the rooftops about how damn amazing I felt.

And that’s where I’ve been cruising for almost a month now—appreciating all the awesome things going on, and enjoying having my brain back to participate in them! Woo hoo!

So, let’s move along to the good department, shall we? First, some book news—I’ve been cruising away on edits for The Assignment, book one in my forthcoming Lessons in Control series. We had to do a few schedule adjustments, but I’m pleased to announce that it will be released in December 2016—and hey, you can already pre-order it on Amazon! 🙂 There’s no cover or blurb up yet, and I believe it might still say it’s coming out in June, but that’s soon to be fixed. I have much more to tell you about this book and the entire series as we get closer to publication, but let’s just say that as I’m working on edits, I’m getting really excited. It doesn’t hurt that I landed Rhonda Helms on this project, who is possibly the most enthusiastic editor on the planet and making me squeal. A lot. (Okay, and I admit—I’m one of those weird authors who loves editing almost as much as I love writing, so I’m having fun in this process either way.) A picture of Jade's manuscript

Meanwhile, I’ve still been keeping up on my poetry, and even wrote a piece loosely inspired by a scene in The Assignment. In the short story world, I got confirmation there will be a San Francisco reading for Best Women’s Erotica, Volume 1 on January 19th at 6:30pm at the Good Vibrations Polk Street location (mark your calendars!). My BWE story “Ophelia the Second” is one I’m rather fond of, and I can’t wait to tell you more about the it and to hopefully meet you at the reading!Cover of Best Women's Erotica of the Year

Speaking of reading…back in July, Rose asked me in my first KMQ’s interview what I’d be doing if I wasn’t a writer—and I told her I was looking into voice over as a future day job. Since then, I’ve taken a couple weekend workshops and learned all sorts of intriguing things, and decided this little dream will need to become a reality over the coming years. I even set up a recording space, which I officially used for the first time to record “Longing” in honor of the release of Coming Together: In Verse (a smokin’ erotic poetry anthology)! This voice over adventure is on hold while I work on books 2 and 3 in the Lessons in Control series…but it’s on my radar!

Finally, since it’s nearly Christmas, I couldn’t possibly skip mentioning my always free holiday short story, “Office Santa.” It’s about an office superstar named Kristi who has a major thing for the Santa suit—especially when it’s worn by one of her very favorite colleagues. Kristi was a character I had way too much fun writing, so I hope you’ll please check out her adventures. Also free for the holidays is a new flash piece called “Missing You,” hosted over at Tamsin’s Superotica as part of her hot annual advent calendar—please be sure to check out both my story and the others on this holiday countdown!

So, all in all, I’m thrilled to say things are looking up. WAY up.

Just in time for the start of a brand new (and super exciting) year, don’t you think?


Cover of Beyond 50

Beyond 50—A Free Erotic BDSM Sampler

Fifty, Fifty, Fifty. It’s all everyone has been talking about. Hell, Malin James and I even talked about it in audio for you a couple days ago.

However, I think it’s safe to say that many are looking for another glimpse into BDSM. Maybe some different writers, new viewpoints, or a more realistic taste of the lifestyle in some smoking literary form…yes?

Well, I’ve got news for you: the phenomenal D.L. King has curated a sampler collection of the best BDSM erotica and erotic romance out there—and it’s free!

Cover of Beyond 50

Beyond 50 includes work from many stellar names in the industry, including Violet Blue, Sinclair Sexsmith, Laura Antoniou, Cecilia Tan, Janine Ashbless, and many, many more. It’s also got samples from my lovely Pillow Talk colleagues—Malin James and Tamsin Flowers—and I’m tickled to have a piece included in here, too!

The best part? This book is entirely free to download, and you can do so right here.

Need more convincing?

Here’s the blurb:

Can’t get enough Fifty Shades of Grey? The authors in Beyond 50 have come together to give you 50 FREE samples of their erotic musings.

Millions of readers around the world are caught up in the magic and romance of power and surrender, role-playing and kinky passions. Or, as some call it, BDSM.

But did you know there’s a wealth of BDSM themed-literature and media available now and coming soon, just waiting for you to discover?

Sensual romances. Gritty thrillers. Spellbinding fantasy. Darkly passionate suspense and horror. Dramatic historical adventures. Edgy erotica. Gorgeous art and photographs. Honest memoirs. From short stories to long novels, from subtle and light to explicit and nasty. Even helpful and sexy non-fiction to help bring your more risqué thoughts to life!

No matter what your interest, there’s a world of other authors ready to give your imagination a tasty turn. Whether you want only one style and theme or care to delve into a whole universe of passion, romance, danger and delight, you can find something just to your taste. All sexual identities and orientations and any match-up between them can be found in some of these scorching pages, and some you’ve never even heard of. Take the plunge and explore. Taste and nibble and maybe find so many more colors to paint your dreams and desires.

Laura Antoniou • D. L. King • Tamsin Flowers • Violet Blue • K. D. Grace • Cameryn Moore • Janine Ashbless •
Lynn Townsend and Elizabeth L. Brooks • C. P. Mandara • Korin I. Dushayl • I.G. Frederick • Sacchi Green • Elizabeth Lister • Sassafras Lowrey • Beth Wylde • Sinclair Sexsmith • Skye Callahan • Laci Paige • Leya Wolfgang • Payne Hawthorne • Jay Lygon • Lisabet Sarai • Penelope Syn • Malin James • Annabel Joseph • Cecilia Tan •
Tammy Jo Eckhart • Sherri Hayes • Cris Anson • Kira Barker • Lucy Felthouse • R. E. Hargrave • Jade A. Waters • Roz Lee • Elizabeth Schechter • Felice Fox • Red Phoenix • Cara Downey • Bo Blaze • Avery Cassell • Janet W. Hardy • Lee Harrington • Kate Kinsey • Sinclair Sexsmith

Be sure to get your taste of steamy BDSM erotica from all of these great authors! You can download it free from any of the following:

Google Books

Riverdale Ave Books

All Romance Ebooks

We are all so thrilled to be offering this sampler to you, absolutely free! Thank you for checking it out!



Cover of Rose Caraway's Dirty 30

Crazy Smokin’ Hot Cover Reveal: Rose Caraway’s Dirty 30!

Guys, guys, guys—roll out the red carpet. Pull back the curtains. I have a cover to show you…

In a second.

Look, before we do this, I have to be honest—while I often find many covers sexy in some fashion, I really don’t judge books by covers these days. There’s so much that goes into the cover that has absolutely nothing to do with the true beauty inside (metaphor much?), so I tend not to get too fired up over what a cover looks like. For a moment, I’ll ooh. Occasionally, I’ll ahh. And then I’ll open the damn thing and read, completely blocking out what I saw on the cover.

But this…holy fucking torpedo, Batman! This cover is, hands down, the sexiest cover I’ve ever seen.


Cover of Rose Caraway's Dirty 30

It appears Rose and Big Daddy Caraway just took my “I don’t care about covers” spiel and tore it all up to shreds. I mean, just LOOK at this thing! I’m not sure if it’s that this gal’s attire reminds me of my clubbing days (*gazes out window in moment of naughty nostalgia*) or if it’s just that it’s so perfectly suggestive and provocative without in-your-face nudity or the nondescript tie plus heel combo that keeps appearing, like, everywhere—but this is superb!

So, suffice it to say (as if I wasn’t already excited enough), I am now crazy giddy to be part of Rose Caraway’s Dirty Thirty audiobook anthology. I’ll have more to share on “The Doll” and “The Bells”—my two stories in this one—in the near future, as well as a release date.

Until then, please scroll back up and look again. I mean it. And I encourage you to judge away, too, because this cover is clearly indicative of one seriously hot anthology!

I can’t wait!


Cover of Kristina Wright's Best Erotic Romance 2015

“Fertile” Included in Best Erotic Romance 2015!

It may only be September, but somehow 2015 feels right around the corner…so why not share some big news today?

As you may know, Kristina Wright is the fabulous editor of the Best Erotic Romance series from Cleis Press. Well, the newest installment, Best Erotic Romance 2015, will be out in just a few months—and I’m delighted to share that my story “Fertile” will be included in the anthology! Hurray!

Check out the sexy cover:

Cover of Kristina Wright's Best Erotic Romance 2015

Doesn’t that just make you melt? I positively love it!

Next, take a peek at the line-up:

Introduction: Only the Best
Foreword by Tiffany Reisz
Siren’s Song by Renee Luke
Off the Beaten Path by Heidi Champa
Fair Game by Crystal Jordan
Late Bloomers by Annabeth Leong
Sunday Mornings Like These by Kiki DeLovely
Lotus by Emerald
What Happens at Sea by Tina Simmons
The Luxury Lane by Sommer Marsden
Just Can’t Explain by Martha Davis
The Couch by Malin James
Again by Axa Lee
Fertile by Jade A. Waters
All Your Tomorrows by Skylar Kade
The Crop by Claire de Winter
Mates by Jillian Boyd
Champion by Kathleen Tudor
The Proposal by Tamsin Flowers
Love Lasts by Kristina Wright

Wow! I am so thrilled to be included with all these wonderful writers (and super extra excited that all the Pillow Talk girls will be sharing pages)!

I’ll post an excerpt as we get closer to the release date, but in the meantime, you can mark the book as “Want to Read” on Goodreads. It’s also available for pre-order right now on Amazon!

I think this one is going to be fantastic, folks!



Cover of Just for Him edited by Alison Tyler

His and Hers…and Almost Yours!

Okay guys, you may have noticed I’ve been banging on and on about Alison Tyler over here lately. First, our Pillow Talk group reviewed her delicious novelette, Those Boys. Then, I excitedly hosted a stop on her Those Boys tour. And next week, I’ll be reviewing a couple of her simply incredible books. So, just to clear up any confusion, this is all happening because

I’m a diehard Alison Tyler fan.

That’s why today’s news is so fantastic. I’ve been waiting to tell you this for what seems like a lifetime, but it really hasn’t been all that long. It’s just been that exhilarating that keeping my lips sealed has been intense!

So…here it is: I’m delighted to announce that I have a story in both of Alison Tyler’s hot upcoming anthologies, Just for Him and Just for Her! Hurray!

To celebrate, how about a double cover reveal? Here’s the cover for Just for Him, which includes my story “73A”:

Just for Him Cover

And here’s the cover for Just for Her, in which you’ll find “The Other Prom”:

Just For Her Cover

Ooooooh! Sexy new covers!

While I’m brimming with squeals (seriously, be thankful you’re there and not here), I have to give you a little back story on both of these. See, I’d written a few things. Rachel Kramer Bussel had already popped my cherry with The Big Book of Orgasms and that was like 80 times the thrill of the double corkscrew on the Demon rollercoaster at Great America, but now I was really fucking excited to be doing this erotica writing thing, for real. And all the while, I kept stalking Alison Tyler’s site. She had some crazy good stuff out and I’d basically worshipped her since I read “It’s Not the Weather” in another gorgeous Rachel Kramer Bussel anthology, Bedding Down. So I just kept thinking, I must get into an Alison Tyler anthology.

It was kind of like eyeing a pair of super tall strappy stiletto heels knowing that one day, you must have those shoes, and when you do, they’re going to feel SO good. Of course, you’re eyeing the shoes having no idea if you can even stand in them, but dammit, you’re going to try.

So one day, I notice that Alison Tyler has a call for not one, but two second person anthologies—one aimed at him, and another aimed at her. She’d done something similar before with Thomas Roche and it was sexy, so I was intrigued. Plus, I love second person. But the call was over in…

*Record screech.* (That’s literally what happened in my head.)

One week! She’d actually extended the deadline for a week, and by the time I saw it, there were only six days left.

Still, I had to write something for the Just for Him call. I had to!

I couldn’t start writing for two days because my schedule was nuts, but on that second day, this random idea clanked me in the head like a 2’ x 4’. I barely made it through my work day before I got home and went for it, because this is the line I had stuck in my head:

You’re working on my fence right now, and all I can think about is sucking your cock.

Naturally, from that, “73A” was born!

The next day, I was all set to send “73A” off and call it done…but then, randomly, some other 2’ x 4’ came flying at my head, and I knew I had to write another piece for Just for Her. (If we’re running with the shoe analogy, this is where I’d say, “Why buy one pair when you can buy two?”) By the end of the day, I had “The Other Prom”…and lo and behold, Ms. Tyler ended up saying yes to both. Wow! On top of that, it needs to be stated that she wrote me such sweet acceptance notes, I drove my friends nuts with my giddiness. (I know, crazy, right? Me?! Excitable?)

Anyway, that’s my back story for “73A” and “The Other Prom.” I’m thrilled to be included in both Alison Tyler anthologies, which are set to release in early 2015. I’m going to save excerpts for later, but in the meantime, you can pre-order Just for Him and Just for Her right now on Amazon. I expect they’re going to be really damn good!

As for me, I’m off to go dance around again.

I might even do it in a pair of strappy stilettos.



Picture of panties around red shoes

Hungry for More Cover Hotness!

Okay, it’s here! I’ve been waiting to reveal the cover for the upcoming Hungry for More! Just look:

Hungry for More cover

This little lovely is edited by the wonderful Rachel Kramer Bussel and is one of the first releases from Cleis Press‘s new romance imprint, Tempted Romance. I’m looking forward to telling you more about my story, “The Sleeper’s Beauty,” once we get closer to the release date in mid-August—but I have great news for you right now: you can pre-order the paperback version of Hungry for More on Amazon for only $11.36. Score!

Want to know more about Hungry for More? Please check out the Tumblr page where you can find the TOC and Introduction, and be sure to mark it as to-read on Goodreads.

Ooooh, can’t wait. This one’s going to be fun…


Cover of The Big Book of Submission

The Big Book of Submission — “Others”

I’ve got exciting news today!

My short story “Others” is included in The Big Book of Submission: 69 Kinky Tales, coming from Cleis Press! The anthology is edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel, and like The Big Book of Orgasms, this collection is full of shorter works—but this time centered on submission. Oh la la! It’s sure to be one hot anthology!

The book won’t be out until July, so I’ll post an excerpt closer to the release date. Until then, here are a few links for you…

You can find out more about the book as well as a full TOC on The Big Book of Submission Tumblr Page, follow news about the book on Twitter, and “like” it on Facebook, too. Don’t forget to add it to your Goodreads “To Read” list, and most importantly…you can pre-order it right now!

While you’re waiting for your copy, I will treat you to the cover:

Cover of The Big Book of Submission edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel

What a hot cover!

Super sexy, right? I can’t wait to read every story in The Big Book of Submission.

And don’t forget to pre-order your copy on Amazon.