“Toys” at Cosmo UK

“Toys” is a short story featured at Cosmo UK. Please read on for an excerpt, or head over to their site to read the story in its entirety.

Excerpt of “Toys”:

“I have an idea.” Daniel crawled over to the bed, planting his lips on hers before running his hand down her belly and between her thighs. He teased her with a quick exploration of her outer folds, and Jennifer moaned when he yanked his hand away. “Close your eyes and I’ll pick something.” He paused to slip his tongue into her mouth, twirling it in a more frenzied movement than usual. Suddenly, he stopped.

“And then, I’m going to fuck you until you cry out for me, over and over again. What do you think?”

Jennifer gasped. “Oh wow. Yes, please.” She closed her eyes as directed, feeling the shifts of the bed as Daniel climbed back down to the floor. The anticipation was more intense with her eyes shut, the room’s air tickling her pert nipples and the abandoned, heated creases of her sex. She tried to stay calm as she listened to the sounds of him riffling through the box.

“Oh yes. This is it.”

What had he grabbed?

“Keep your eyes closed, okay?”

“Yes.” He crawled over her and settled his weight on her thighs. She could feel his gaze over her, and his fully hardened cock now nudged her about an inch below her pussy.

Daniel laid his hand over her mound. He circled his fingers over her trimmed curls, then dipped one of them between her folds to graze her opening. “Jennifer…you’re soaked already.” He grunted in approval. “I can’t wait to see what happens when I use your toy on you.”

Jennifer squirmed.

Was it a vibrator?

Had he chosen a dildo?

“Or maybe toys.”

Her inner walls tightened. A plug?

Daniel shoved his finger into her and she moaned. “Dammit, baby, you’re so wet I could fuck you right now, but I won’t. None for me until you come.” He rolled off and licked her belly, tracing his tongue down until he lingered above her clit, and Jennifer pinched her eyes shut tighter. She already wanted to scream, and the slow glides of his finger while he blew hot air against her mound made for the sweetest torture.

“Please,” she whispered.

But Daniel withdrew his finger.

Before she could speak, he pressed the silicone head of one of her dildos against her. Jennifer wasn’t sure which one it was, and she inhaled while Daniel adjusted the tip to fit inside her opening.

“Do you like that?”

She nodded. He inched it farther, moving so slowly the thick plastic rubbed along her walls in the most delightful of ways. Once the base struck her folds, Daniel jerked it back until only the tip remained inside her.

Jennifer growled at the immediate emptiness. “More,” she begged.

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