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So, Two Erotica Authors Walk Into a Bar…

Okay, that wasn’t exactly how it went, but I got your attention, didn’t I? 🙂

Here’s the real story: Malin James and I have become super close pals since the release of The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories. She had a fabulous little story in there called “Hard Knocks” (check it out if you haven’t read it!), and after we met at the reading at Good Vibrations in San Francisco, we decided to start emailing one another all the time and proudly established monthly “shop” lunches. It’s been delightful!

So, when we got together this weekend, we decided to scavenge through Barnes and Noble in search of the book we shared pages in. It took a few tries, because somehow, the smut was scattered all over the place. There were a bunch of Cleis Press anthologies in “Literature and Essays” (what?), and then a bounty of more nonfiction erotic options under “Love and Sexuality.” This section included how-to manuals and Penthouse Letters, and somehow, the little book that could—AKA The Big Book of Orgasms—got shoved over here. (Yeah, we didn’t get it either. In fact, we debated rearranging the store for a minute, but our Thai lunch was calling.)

Since it was very exciting to see this excellent book in the store, we opted to take a picture with it. This also took a few tries (damn iPhones) and caused a tiny bit of a scene…I mean, we were holding quite a hot looking orgasm book and giggling as we attempted to center our faces plus the sexy cover image into the viewfinder without looking. But hey! It turned out okay, so we posted it on Facebook and Twitter. And then our wonderful editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, liked the photo so much she reposted it…with a challenge!


We’d love to see your pretty face with this pretty book, too. Make sure you give @BigBookofOrgasm a shout when you tweet it.

Malin and Jade with BBOO

Here we are with our first anthology!

In the meantime, Malin and I might need to come up with alternate locations for this same picture. Next time, maybe we will hit a bar!


Haven’t picked up The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories yet? You can do so right here.

Until next time…


Woman with legs wrapped around man is tugging down his pants.

Any Excuse (for Ass)

For weeks—no, months—I’ve had this picture saved on my desktop. I downloaded it a while back hoping to use it “somewhere on my website.” I kept trying to figure out posts to use it, or excuses to flash it, or maybe even stories to tie it up with. (Heh.) Sometimes, I’d open the file and grin at it for inspiration—because, well, it’s really damn hot.

Anyway, this morning I had an epiphany. I write erotica, so it seems to me that any excuse for ass will do.


Woman with legs wrapped around man is tugging down his pants.

Yeah, admit it. You like it too.


You’re welcome. 🙂

Also, if you missed it, the results of Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon are in. I made it through Round 1! Phew! *Wipes brow.* Round 2 is sure to be hot and will be up in about a month for your voting pleasure. I’ll keep you posted…


Picture of panties around red shoes

Oleander Plume Shares “Scent of a Man”

It’s the third day of Triple the Smut!

As you may recall, Oleander Plume is my fellow contributor in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, and she issued me a challenge—I was to choose one sexy word from her list and use it as inspiration for a story. I did this on Monday over at her site, and today, she’s here to share her response to my list. So without further ado, here’s the lovely Oleander! Take it away, darling!

Black and white pic of Oleander Plume

“How did I come up with the idea for this story? Well, my sweet friend Jade gave me a list of seven words, and the first one that caught my eye was “scent”. Immediately, I pictured a man in a well tailored business suit. Underneath, he’s finely muscled, maybe a tattoo somewhere. He smells delicious, like expensive cologne and masculine goodness. Really, it just wrote itself 😉 Enjoy, my lovelies!”

Scent of a Man

by Oleander Plume

I buried my face in his neck and inhaled. Burberry Touch, his signature scent, my senses were alive with the fragrance. I could feel his pulse beneath my lips as I kissed.


I pushed his groping hands away. “No, you promised. Just relax and let me do this.”

A small growl from him, a stern look from me. He dutifully stretched his arms over his head and crossed his wrists.

“Good boy. Now, no more shenanigans.”

“Yes ma’am.” His blue eyes narrowed slightly, but he smiled at me.

I straddled his hips, and resumed kissing, letting my mouth travel from his neck to his collar bone. I tasted the warm skin that covered his shoulder, slightly salty, but smooth against my tongue. Lower, to his armpit, he squirmed and laughed when I buried my nose inside.


“Shh. Let me.”

I inhaled, he smelled like citrus body wash and a soft musk, definitely male. The skin was like velvet, I petted the area with my fingertips, causing him to chuckle.

“Ticklish? Should I stop?”

“Please do.”

I moved to his strong pecs, the skin here smelled different, like fresh air. His nipple hardened under my tongue and I heard his breath catch in his throat. This was his secret erogenous zone, although it would have killed him to admit it. I nibbled on the firm nub, and he moaned softly, a sound that pleased me like no other. After paying some attention to the neglected nipple, I slid my lips down his stomach, using my tongue to trace all the ridges in his muscular abdomen. His impatience grew and he squirmed.

“Patience, lover.”

“Don’t you see how hard I am? You’re driving me crazy.” His drawl was raspy and thick with lust.

A puddle of saline had pooled under the tip of his cock, a heady testament to his arousal. The manly smell and taste of his fluid made my mouth water and my heart race. I moved lower yet, pushing his erect cock out of the way before rubbing my nose in his thatch of pubic hair. While I inhaled his delicious masculine essence, I traced the skin of his shaft with my fingers. So much hardness, wrapped in silk, I could feel the blood pulsating through each ropy vein.

“Darlin’.” More urgent now, his voice harsh with want.

“You have a lust ache, don’t you? Here, let me make it better.”

I gazed up at him while I tapped the head of his cock against my tongue. The sight of him lying there, vulnerable in his nakedness drove me wild. I knew at that moment, I owned him completely. A sharp knock at the door invaded our interlude.


A voice floated through the door. “Mr. Gentry, your 2 o’clock is here.”

“Darlin’?” he whimpered as he tried to sit up. I pushed him back against the desk.

“Your 2 o’clock can wait.”

About Oleander:

Oleander Plume writes erotica in several genres. Her work can be found in The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance by Ryan Field, Best Women’s Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue, and Take This Man by Neil Plakcy (coming soon). Some of her flash fiction has been featured on and Please visit her on the web –


Oleander and I are both participating in Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon, so if you haven’t already—please don’t forget to vote! Poll closes Thursday at midnight. 🙂


Sweaty male torso held from behind

“Heat” Over at Oleander Plume’s!

Today is the second part of the triple smut fest!

Which means…I am actually over at Oleander Plume’s site today. She is a fellow contributor in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, and today she’s asked me to come on over and write a flash story. In fact, she offered me a challenge—dun dun DUN!—which I gladly accepted. Her response to the challenge is coming on Wednesday, but in the meantime, please hop on over to her site to read “Heat”!

More on what inspired the story and the challenge is posted there too, but to give you a little preview, I’ll leave you with this:

Picture of woman's hands wrapped around a sweaty man's stomach.

Now, please go read “Heat” at Oleander Plume’s. Hope you enjoy it!


Neon sign of XXX

Triple the Smut

Okay, maybe it’s residual love from Valentine’s Day, or maybe it’s just a smutty kind of week, but I feel like sharing triple the smut.

Neon XXX sign

What does this mean, you ask? Well, starting today, I have three smutty pieces of goodness for you.

Today, I’m delighted to tell you about Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon 2014. Ms. Tyler has run this game a few times, and this year, I’m thrilled to be a contestant! It’s basically Survivor for Erotica Writers—as in, Ms. Tyler issues a challenge and posts our (anonymous) responses, and YOU (yes, YOU, right there!) get to vote. How fun is that?

So, what I’d love for you to do is hop right over to Ms. Tyler’s site. You can read about all 15 of the contestants, and of course, read and vote on Round 1! While I can’t tell you which entry is mine, I can tell you I’m there and that I’d love for you to vote. There’s no way of knowing how long I’ll last, but I’m seriously excited to be playing.

Voting closes Thursday at midnight, so be sure to visit her site asap.

Now, what’s the smut for the rest of the week?

Oleander Plume—another contestant in the Smut Marathon, and also another author I’m happy to share pages with in Best Women’s Erotica 2014—is going to not only be hosting me on her site, but visiting here as well! Both stops have a special free hot story for you, so stay close for those posts. It’s going to be a smutty good time!

That’s all for now, so in the meantime, be sure to check out the Smut Marathon 2014 and vote. I’ve read all the lines and they’re sexy. And yes, I voted.

Won’t you? 🙂


This site contains explicit content—18 and older, please.



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