Man leaning over woman during foreplay

The Poem Challenge, Day 6: “Owned”

It’s been five straight days of erotic poetry, and now we’re back for Day 6!

For the last few days, I’ve been posting an erotic poem each day. The challenge was my personal extension of the one Tamsin Flowers suggested at our last Pillow Talk Secrets session, and I’ve been enjoying exploring my poetry roots here with you. I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too!

I’m trying really hard not to play favorites with my poems, but today’s is feeling dear to me for some reason. I’ve been all over the map with themes—please feel free to check out “Morning Desire,” “You and Only You,” “In the Dark,” “Like This” and “Her Bliss”—so who knows. It’s early…I still have one more to go!

But for now, here is “Owned”:

Man leaning over woman during foreplay
Jade A. Waters

I tell you I own you
Then watch
The corners of your lips
Turn up in an eager smile.
You tremble slightly,
Breasts heaving
Belly fluttering,
And between your thighs is the sweetest sight,
Slick, silky moisture
Ensconcing my fingers as I slide them inside you.
Now you shudder,
Whisper cries of
You quiver around me as I follow the curves of your body
Until you moan for me.
Then and only then
Do I come to you,
Press every craving inch of me
To the heat
Embracing my cock as I push inside you.
I watch you shudder again.
You grip me
And now your cries
Are mine—
Teeth bared against the perfect flesh
Of your breast
Until I tremble
And fill you.
Because in truth,
My love
It is you who owns me.


All right…only one more day to go. I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Day 7!



Picture of red-head woman moaning as her lover kisses her neck.

The Poem Challenge Day 5: “Her Bliss”

It’s Monday—time for another poem!

Today is Day 5 of the 7-Day Poem Challenge, and I think I’ll get right to it. (For those of you just tuning in, the reason I started this shebang can be found right here.)

I always feel like Mondays can be so cruel at times…so today I went for something soft and sweet (after yesterday’s super naughty piece). This one is called “Her Bliss,” and I hope you enjoy it.

Picture of red-head woman moaning as her lover kisses her neck.
Jade A. Waters

A hand
Curves around her breast
Caressing soft skin,
Making her writhe beneath him
As he makes his way down
Kisses all the way along her belly
Until he reaches her swollen clit,
Catches it between his lips
And tugs.

She opens for him
Legs widening in the sheets
Hands coiling in his hair
Whimpers filling the room
As he buries his tongue
Between her folds.
She is dancing against his face
Lifting her hips
For the passion that
He bestows on her,
His tongue lapping, licking, loving
As his fingers trace the silky ring of her pussy
And slip inside.

She heaves a new gasp,
Her body trembling in sweat
Her breasts rising and falling
Her breath whishing past her lips.
She is moaning
As he tends to her,
His mouth and fingers
Working in unison, working faster
Sending the ribbon of heat
Through her every limb, every pore
Until finally
She throws her hands over her face,
Moans the loudest, sweetest cry
And gives him everything he wanted—
Her bliss.


I think I’m ready for Monday now. 🙂

Enjoy the day, and I hope you’ll join me tomorrow for Day 6.


Sepia lowlight image of woman faced away, wearing garter belt.

The Poem Challenge Day 4: “Like This”

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So, here we are on Day 4 of my 7-Day Poetry Challenge which stemmed from Tamsin Flowers’s fabulous idea for all of the Pillow Talk gals to write a poem, and today as promised I have another poem for you!

This one is a bit longer, and it’s quite naughty. Well, it’s naughty, sassy, and all sorts of fun, if you ask me.

But I’ll let you be the judge. 😉

Here is “Like This”…

Sepia lowlight image of woman faced away, wearing garter belt.
Jade A. Waters

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.
Me, bent over the couch arm
Ass up and red from all the times
You spanked me
Both because you knew it made me wet
And because George was standing there,
Rooting you on.
But then it wasn’t supposed to be like this
All those other times, either—
You, cuffing me to the iron frame of our bed
And pushing my legs apart so he could see
The dripping well between my legs,
Or George, nudging me back in the shower
While you watched him thrust his fingers
Deep inside my cunt.
It is George, after all,
Good old pal from choir—Oh,
What if we let him come watch, honey?—George.
Yes, the idea made me blush
The idea made me wet
The idea made me come so hard when you whispered it over me
While we fucked,
That naturally, it ended up like this.

You crack your hand over my ass again
Drawing me back to the moment,
Making me roll my hips in desperate need
Rubbing my clit on the arm of the couch.
George has come up beside you;
I can tell because we’ve had him over so many times—
His breath is a little heavier than yours,
But never quite as fast.
“She really has the sweetest ass I’ve ever seen,” he groans
And I imagine how hard that makes your cock,
How bad you want to fuck me like this
Hell, how bad I need you to fuck me now, like this.
But in measured silence,
The both of you decide to touch me.
I’m losing my mind
As a whole bunch of fingers are spreading my legs wider
Dipping between my pussy lips
Pinching my clit
Shoving inside me
And making sure I’m good and wet
(As if that was some kind of concern).
Then you, sweet lover of mine
Take a minute to smack my ass a couple more times.

“Would you like to fuck her first this time, or should I?”
Your voice is almost sing-songy,
A perfect melody of promises
Fingers still filling me before another spank heats my ass,
And I swear, honey
It is unreal how loud I’m moaning right now,
Bucking against this couch arm.
I could come just with the two of you
Staring at my ass and beginning the
Negotiation like this.
George chimes in,
“Tough call. Maybe we should tease her a bit more?”
I have a second to wonder
If the two of you should start a duet,
Call it Dynamic Dicks or something,
But the thought, once again, is fleeting.
“Great idea, George. This is why we have you over.”
This definitely wasn’t what I expected,
The two of you now parting my cheeks,
Whipping a rush of anticipation up my spine.
I bite the couch upholstery to temper my cries.
It’s going to be a long, good night
Like this.


I hope you enjoyed this one!

Want to read more? Please read “Morning Desire,” “You and Only You,” and “In the Dark” from Days 1 through 3. You can also read my poem “Awake the Nymph” at Vanillerotica and “Power” and “Pink” over at The Erotic Woman. (Please be advised—TEW has NSFW images!)

Thanks so much for joining me for Day 4!

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Man and woman in the dark sharing sexual moment.

The Poem Challenge, Day 3: “In the Dark”

Hello again, everyone, and thanks for joining—it’s Day 3 of my 7-Day Poem Challenge!

The lovely Tamsin Flowers suggested all three Pillow Talk ladies write an erotic poem, and I gave the whole affair an extra spin by starting this poem-a-day for seven days challenge for myself. I’m rather enjoying it, and I hope you are too!

So, here is the newest entry entitled “In the Dark”:

Man and woman in the dark sharing sexual moment.
Jade A. Waters

In the early morning hours he wakes me
On my ass
Grasping my hip.
“Hi,” he whispers,
And I can feel his thick cock
Nestling between my cheeks.

I’m wet—
That’s what he does to me.
My chest bursts with heat.
I’m still groggy
As it can’t be more than 2 a.m.
And it’s so dark outside
But he rolls me onto my stomach.

Oh, I love it like this
Love the way he weighs me down
His body stretched over mine
Cock to ass
Belly to back
Mouth to my neck
As he wedges himself into the apex of my thighs

“I’m going to fuck you
His words come as a grumble
And he doesn’t even have to work
To slip inside me.
I’m biting at the pillow
As he thrusts deep, waking me fully,
Centering me.

His hands are like birds
Floating everywhere—
Under me to stroke my clit
And cup my breasts,
Then up into my hair, which he twines around his palm.
The power he uses to drive into me
Has the bed shaking and pounding against the wall.

Outside there is the sound of sprinklers,
The lone partyer returning home
And the quiet of night.
But here
In our bed
He’s fucking me so fast, so deep
We’re both groaning loud
With reckless passion.

Cries of pleasure rise
As he thrusts all the way inside.
“You like that?” he murmurs.
I don’t even have to answer—
I’m coming around him,
My cunt spasming just as
He topples over me.

We are gasping now,
Heads mashed side-by-side in the pillow
I breathe into.
And like this,
Pressed close,
We fall back to sleep
In the dark.


I hope you enjoyed this one!

Feel free to check out “Morning Desire” from Day 1—do I have an early morning motif going? Hmm—and “You and Only You” from Day 2.

Please join me tomorrow with more poetic naughtiness!


Steamy image of couple kissing close together while naked

The Poem Challenge, Day 2: “You and Only You”

Welcome back, everyone! For those of you just tuning in, I launched a challenge for myself yesterday called the 7-Day Poem Challenge. This challenge is a twist on Tamsin Flowers’s suggestion in our last Pillow Talk Secrets episode, in which I write an erotic poem and post it live each day for seven days.

Today is Day 2, and as promised, I’ve written something new. This poem is called “You and Only You.” I hope you enjoy it…

Steamy image of couple kissing close together while naked

Jade A. Waters

He holds her
His chest against hers
His lips hovering near
The air between them is
Thick with desire
With the need burning
Deep inside her
Inside him.
His fingertips loop around her elbows
And he draws her nearer
Into him
“I’ve only wanted you,”
He says,
“You and only you.”
His eyes flicker with lust
His hips arch with yearning.
She meets him
As his hands slip around her waist
Pressing the naked flesh of her low back
Until his cock nestles against wanting flesh,
Glistening folds.
He leans down
His mouth so close
His breath is like candy on her lips
But he holds perfectly still like this,
Both of them shivering with the tension
Dancing between them,
Within them.
And she says,
“Then what are you waiting for?”


Would you like to read more of my poetry? You can find “Power” and “Pink” at The Erotic Woman (advisory: NSFW images on both links), and “Awake the Nymph” at Vanillerotica. Missed yesterday’s poem? “Morning Desire” is available right here.

See you tomorrow!


Slightly unfocused yet sexy image of a man kissing a woman's chin in bed

The Poem Challenge, Day 1: “Morning Desire”

I love to write poetry, and always have. Somewhere along the way, my poems switched gears and became erotic in nature, and eventually, I started showing them to more people. You may recall two of my poems appearing over The Erotic Woman—the first was “Power” and the second “Pink.” (Advisory: NSFW images for both links.)

So, shortly after I submitted “Awake the Nymph” to Vanillerotica, Tamsin Flowers, Malin James and I had our next Pillow Talk Secrets episode. Tamsin issued a challenge: the three of us were to write an erotic poem by our next Secrets session on October 8th. I eagerly accepted. But, since I already write erotic poetry, I thought I’d add an extra challenge for myself.

I’m calling it the 7-Day Poem Challenge. That is, for the next seven days, I will write a poem each day and post it here for you to see. This month has been impossibly complicated (which I’ll get to in a later post), so a little poetry to keep my writing flowing is helpful for me. And, hopefully in the process, you’ll enjoy it too!

Today’s poem is called “Morning Desire.” In truth, I wrote the first two lines with a magnetic poetry kit some ten years ago; these lines are still the first two lines of some other short poem hanging in my kitchen, albeit a much tamer thing. I think I like this one better. 🙂

So, without further ado, here it is…

Slightly unfocused yet sexy image of a man kissing a woman's chin in bed

Jade A. Waters

Desire felt like morning,
Sun caressing the world
Spreading tender waves that
Envelop me, encircle you.
Your hands trace down my back—
Neck to ass, hip to hip
You tug me closer
Ever closer,
Breathe a husky whisper
With lips soft, damp
And hungry,
Like me.

“Good morning.”
The words float between us,
Your body presses to mine
Your cock solid, seeking.
Your hand slips between warm thighs—
Testing and teasing,
Stroking with a sigh.
When I arch for you,
You sink inside
Teeth bared, sharp
On my shoulder;
In need.

Whimpers spill from my lips
Your thrusts remind me
Wake me
Loving and deep.
We shudder and moan—
Trembling, crying out
Surrendering to this morning desire.
The sunlight peeks
Through the blinds
Caressing skin, warming us.
We catch our breaths
Now one.


I hope you enjoyed “Morning Desire,” the first of my seven poems for the 7-Day Poem Challenge!

See you tomorrow with more…