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“Open” — a Poem, in Audio

I think it’s safe to say all writers love words. We love the shape of them, the feel of them, the way they play together on the page. But while most writing is meant to be read in quiet, there are occasions when it’s the sound of the words that really counts.Black and White Art Photo of Woman's Hips

I make no secret in my bio that I once read synonyms to a lover as foreplay. In that moment I enjoyed not writing the words, but dancing them off my tongue, letting them resonate and seduce in just the right way. And though I’ve read a few stories aloud before, those pieces weren’t written with that intention in mind. Which is why today, I’m trying something different.

I wrote “Open” about seven years ago as a poem to be read aloud. On the page, it reads to me as a series of staccato lines and words—whereas in my head these phrases are better played with in tone, volume, and voice. So with that in mind, I’ve opted not to just post this old poem, but to read it to you, too. It’s quite short, but I’ve read it as I imagined it when I wrote it—not as a string of words, but instead as sounds meant for a lover’s ear.

I hope you enjoy it.




Jade A. Waters

Fill me
Take me
Your love
I ache
I pine
The heat
And burns
I feel
You throb
I move
On you
With you
To you
A beat
A pulse
That stirs
That moves
Us on
As one
And rub
We glide
You slide
In me
You are
You live
I breathe
To feel
In me
With me
Press on
Once more
And then…

 …Come again.

Jade and Malin at 50

Malin and I Talk Fifty Shades of Grey – in Stereo!

As you may well know, Malin James and I are the best of pals. We have a knack for chatter, laughter, and ridiculously good times. So for Valentine’s Day this year, we opted to take ourselves out to see the hugely hyped and widely discussed Fifty Shades of Grey. I mean, we do write erotica and all, so it made sense—and by golly, we were going to go into it open-minded and with the intent of making the best of it.

Here we are before the show:

Jade and Malin at 50

Pre-Fifty Shades in Our Super Shades

Since we’d both planned to write blog posts on the movie, we had some things to bounce around afterward. But when we found ourselves chatting over our usual Thai lunch with so very many things to say, we got to thinking…what if we just had this chat over a microphone and shared our thoughts in audio with all of you?

So, that’s exactly what we did. We ended up having a smashing good time (so much so that we should probably apologize in advance for how loud the cackling got), and we hope you enjoy our take on this highly debated erotica blockbuster.

Also, I should mention: outtakes. 🙂

And with that…

Malin and Jade Talk Fifty Shades of Grey:

Thank you so much for joining us!


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Jade’s Gone Aural

Sometimes, it’s fun to work in different mediums. This is why artists occasionally swap from acrylics to pen and ink, or from watercolor to encaustic. In my case, I usually switch from fiction to poetry, of course keeping a foot in one while dabbling in another.

So today, I’m excited to release a new medium on my site. I have a few freebies posted here, but I thought, why not release some audio versions? Ultimately, I’d like to do this with all the poems and flash pieces I post, but for now, I’ll give a little sampler to hopefully brighten a Monday morning.

The following are audio versions of three flash stories: “Two Shots of Gin,” “Heat,” and one previously hosted on another site, “Victory Lap.” All of them are available to read along, if you’d like. Or, feel free to give the voice recording a whirl right here:

Two Shots of Gin


Victory Lap

No matter what your method, I hope you enjoy them. They were great fun to record. 😉