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“Toys” for All!

Early last year, I had the honor of having a story included in Violet Blue’s Best Women’s Erotica 2014. The story—“Toys”—was one I’d penned when I first started writing erotica, and I was over the moon to have it land in such an amazing anthology.Shadowed image of man holding half-clad woman from behind

“Toys” is a story that’s still rather dear to me. It’s about a woman who has amassed a collection of sex toys so large she’s nervous about introducing her new boyfriend to it—but it turns out, he’s not only a fantastic new boyfriend, but also extremely open-minded. The story is one of my more playful ones—and today, I’m delighted to let you know it’s available, for free, for you to read over at the Glass Dildo Shop. (You can find an excerpt here if you’d like a preview!)

I’ve previously narrated this story on Molly Moore’s “Storytime” KissCast episode—but for those of you who prefer your words on the page rather than in the ear, I hope you’ll check out “Toys” online.

A special thank you to the Glass Dildo Shop for hosting it, and happy reading, everyone!


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Oleander Plume Shares “Scent of a Man”

It’s the third day of Triple the Smut!

As you may recall, Oleander Plume is my fellow contributor in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, and she issued me a challenge—I was to choose one sexy word from her list and use it as inspiration for a story. I did this on Monday over at her site, and today, she’s here to share her response to my list. So without further ado, here’s the lovely Oleander! Take it away, darling!

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“How did I come up with the idea for this story? Well, my sweet friend Jade gave me a list of seven words, and the first one that caught my eye was “scent”. Immediately, I pictured a man in a well tailored business suit. Underneath, he’s finely muscled, maybe a tattoo somewhere. He smells delicious, like expensive cologne and masculine goodness. Really, it just wrote itself 😉 Enjoy, my lovelies!”

Scent of a Man

by Oleander Plume

I buried my face in his neck and inhaled. Burberry Touch, his signature scent, my senses were alive with the fragrance. I could feel his pulse beneath my lips as I kissed.


I pushed his groping hands away. “No, you promised. Just relax and let me do this.”

A small growl from him, a stern look from me. He dutifully stretched his arms over his head and crossed his wrists.

“Good boy. Now, no more shenanigans.”

“Yes ma’am.” His blue eyes narrowed slightly, but he smiled at me.

I straddled his hips, and resumed kissing, letting my mouth travel from his neck to his collar bone. I tasted the warm skin that covered his shoulder, slightly salty, but smooth against my tongue. Lower, to his armpit, he squirmed and laughed when I buried my nose inside.


“Shh. Let me.”

I inhaled, he smelled like citrus body wash and a soft musk, definitely male. The skin was like velvet, I petted the area with my fingertips, causing him to chuckle.

“Ticklish? Should I stop?”

“Please do.”

I moved to his strong pecs, the skin here smelled different, like fresh air. His nipple hardened under my tongue and I heard his breath catch in his throat. This was his secret erogenous zone, although it would have killed him to admit it. I nibbled on the firm nub, and he moaned softly, a sound that pleased me like no other. After paying some attention to the neglected nipple, I slid my lips down his stomach, using my tongue to trace all the ridges in his muscular abdomen. His impatience grew and he squirmed.

“Patience, lover.”

“Don’t you see how hard I am? You’re driving me crazy.” His drawl was raspy and thick with lust.

A puddle of saline had pooled under the tip of his cock, a heady testament to his arousal. The manly smell and taste of his fluid made my mouth water and my heart race. I moved lower yet, pushing his erect cock out of the way before rubbing my nose in his thatch of pubic hair. While I inhaled his delicious masculine essence, I traced the skin of his shaft with my fingers. So much hardness, wrapped in silk, I could feel the blood pulsating through each ropy vein.

“Darlin’.” More urgent now, his voice harsh with want.

“You have a lust ache, don’t you? Here, let me make it better.”

I gazed up at him while I tapped the head of his cock against my tongue. The sight of him lying there, vulnerable in his nakedness drove me wild. I knew at that moment, I owned him completely. A sharp knock at the door invaded our interlude.


A voice floated through the door. “Mr. Gentry, your 2 o’clock is here.”

“Darlin’?” he whimpered as he tried to sit up. I pushed him back against the desk.

“Your 2 o’clock can wait.”

About Oleander:

Oleander Plume writes erotica in several genres. Her work can be found in The Women Who Love to Love Gay Romance by Ryan Field, Best Women’s Erotica 2014 by Violet Blue, and Take This Man by Neil Plakcy (coming soon). Some of her flash fiction has been featured on and Please visit her on the web –


Oleander and I are both participating in Alison Tyler’s Smut Marathon, so if you haven’t already—please don’t forget to vote! Poll closes Thursday at midnight. 🙂


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“Heat” Over at Oleander Plume’s!

Today is the second part of the triple smut fest!

Which means…I am actually over at Oleander Plume’s site today. She is a fellow contributor in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, and today she’s asked me to come on over and write a flash story. In fact, she offered me a challenge—dun dun DUN!—which I gladly accepted. Her response to the challenge is coming on Wednesday, but in the meantime, please hop on over to her site to read “Heat”!

More on what inspired the story and the challenge is posted there too, but to give you a little preview, I’ll leave you with this:

Picture of woman's hands wrapped around a sweaty man's stomach.

Now, please go read “Heat” at Oleander Plume’s. Hope you enjoy it!


Cover of The Big Book of Orgasms

A Little This, A Little That

Today’s post is a bit of a hodgepodge, but I’ve got lots of great news to share!

First, all 69 authors of The Big Book of Orgasms: 69 Sexy Stories got a happy surprise when this happened:

BBOO Top Rated on Amazon

TBBOO Rated #1 on Amazon E-books!

Wow! Our fabulous editor, Rachel Kramer Bussel, did an amazing job getting this book out into the world and in people’s hands, and it clearly paid off! I couldn’t be more delighted to be part of this book. I also finally finished reading the entire anthology and can confirm that every story was a treat. Haven’t picked it up yet? You can buy it on Amazon here, and my excerpt for “The Flogger” can be found right here.

Things got even more exciting when Ms. Bussel announced that Rose Caraway of The Kiss Me Quicks would be narrating The Big Book of Orgasms! No word on a release date just yet, but I’m a big fan of Ms. Caraway’s podcasts. She did a fantastic two-hour year-end show called “Halo Sex,” which included multiple sexy stories narrated to NIN’s music—you should check it out if you haven’t heard it yet! It was hot!

But wait, there’s more! Best Women’s Erotica 2014 ended up in audio form as well! It is narrated by Lucy Malone and is apparently a fabulous audio version. Would you like to hear all of these sexy stories in audio form? You can find the anthology on iTunes and Audible. Hurray! Also, if you’d like to check out my excerpt for “Toys,” you can take your pick from the intro excerpt or the spicier excerpt (specially hosted by Tamsin’s Superotica). 😉

Now, I have fun news specifically related to this blog: I will be hosting a very exciting guest in two weeks! Your breath will catch. Your toes will curl. You’ll be out of your mind with the deliciousness of it all! But until then…I’m going to zip my lips like the giant tease I am. Stay close for that one!

Lastly, I’m happy to report some personal news—I’ve been hard at work on my first erotica novel. *Squee!* After penning a couple dozen shorts (and as mentioned in my previous post, a couple non-erotica novels), I decided it was high time to take on the ultimate marathon novel. Thanks to a little holiday free-time and my somewhat insane tendencies toward hyper-focused dedication (did I put on pants today?), I’m about three-quarters of the way through. I was going to get one of those nifty counter thingies to put over on my sidebar because they tickle me, but by the time I remembered, I was already at 58k. Uh, whoops. Next book. 😉

Anyway, this is quite thrilling (at least, for me). I set some steep 2014 goals for myself and I’m ready to tackle them all! Stay tuned for more news on the novel as I progress on through…

I have more fun things to share, but for now I’m going to bat my eyelashes and leave you in anticipation. 🙂 In the meantime, please don’t forget to check out all the audio works above!


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“Toys” is at Tamsin’s Supererotica Today!

A couple weeks ago, I jumped on over to Tamsin Flowers’s place to share a steamy excerpt of “Office Santa” as part of her super spicy Christmas advent calendar. (Holiday Spice is still on sale at Amazon for $0.99, by the way!)

Well, the lovely Tamsin Flowers has asked me to be part of her advent calendar again, and this time with an excerpt from my Best Women’s Erotica 2014 story, “Toys.” Tamsin and I share pages in this fabulous anthology edited by Violet Blue, so I’m honored that she’s asked me to come visit with my story. You may have already seen my last excerpt, but this one is much, much naughtier. 😉

BWE 2014 cover

My story “Toys” is at Tamsin’s site today!

Please hop on over to Tamsin’s Superotica to read that exclusive new excerpt, and be sure to come back tomorrow because I have a special surprise…


Cover of Best Women's Erotica 2014

Best Women’s Erotica 2014: “Toys” Excerpt

It’s official! Best Women’s Erotica 2014 is now out everywhere in both paperback and digital formats. I am incredibly honored to be part of this Cleis Press anthology edited by Violet Blue!

What better way to celebrate than by sharing the excerpt I’ve been teasing you with for weeks? 😉 Hope you enjoy it!


BWE 2014 cover

Excerpt of “Toys”:

Jennifer thought her toy collection was a little excessive, but she couldn’t help herself.

She’d amassed a bounty of equipment: dildos, vibrators, cuffs, whips, plugs, beads, and various other oddities—like the specialty pair of vibrating electric nipple clamps she’d stumbled upon on her last vacation out of the country—and all of them had added to her secretly adored stash. The dildos came in numerous shapes and sizes, ranging from the foot long Black Rock to the tiny purple Tipper. And the vibrators—well, Jennifer took great pride in those, each of them appropriate in different scenarios, depending on the strength of the vibe she needed.

Originally, her stash fit under some panties in a special closet drawer. Soon, though, it grew, because it seemed the longer she’d been away from sex, the hungrier she got for more toys. Buying them kept her warm and aching for more, and her collection now filled a small moving box in the back of her closet.

A four by four foot one, to be precise.

So, when Daniel rolled off Jennifer after their twelfth fuck—and she, again, hadn’t come—she cast a frustrated glance at her closet while she worried that maybe she’d ruined herself with the toys.

“Did you?” Daniel panted, resting one hand on her stomach and the other on his withered shaft. He peered at her with a hopeful grin, and Jennifer felt a new burn of color washing aside the flush she’d earned from hours of fucking her new boyfriend.

“Well,” she said, “not exactly.”

“Damn.” Daniel wedged himself against her. He was everything she sought in a bed buddy: his scent was pleasant, his eyes were warm, and his swimmer’s body made her panties wet the second she’d noticed the hip bones showing over his trunks. He was so delightful she mentally kicked herself for the hours of howling orgasms she couldn’t seem to have.

“Yeah. Kind of weird,” she muttered. Jennifer pressed her lips on his—damn, he could kiss—but her body throbbed with hornier aspirations.

“Tell me what to do.” Daniel slipped his arm beneath her so he could wrap her in a hug, then grazed her neck with his lips. “I want you to be having as much fun as I am—”

“Oh, I’m having fun. I’m just not…there.”

She wanted to scream.

“Well, let’s get you there.” Daniel squeezed her tighter. “I really like you, Jennifer. I’m officially denying myself any more orgasms until you have one.”


Best Women’s Erotica 2014 is available at:

Amazon        Barnes and Noble        Amazon Canada        Amazon UK

The Book Depository        Books-A-Million         IndieBound

Cleis Press        Powell’s        Chapters.Indigo.Ca