Black and white photo of Jade A. Waters

Jade’s Gone Aural

Sometimes, it’s fun to work in different mediums. This is why artists occasionally swap from acrylics to pen and ink, or from watercolor to encaustic. In my case, I usually switch from fiction to poetry, of course keeping a foot in one while dabbling in another.

So today, I’m excited to release a new medium on my site. I have a few freebies posted here, but I thought, why not release some audio versions? Ultimately, I’d like to do this with all the poems and flash pieces I post, but for now, I’ll give a little sampler to hopefully brighten a Monday morning.

The following are audio versions of three flash stories: “Two Shots of Gin,” “Heat,” and one previously hosted on another site, “Victory Lap.” All of them are available to read along, if you’d like. Or, feel free to give the voice recording a whirl right here:

Two Shots of Gin


Victory Lap

No matter what your method, I hope you enjoy them. They were great fun to record. 😉


Sweaty male torso held from behind

“Heat” Over at Oleander Plume’s!

Today is the second part of the triple smut fest!

Which means…I am actually over at Oleander Plume’s site today. She is a fellow contributor in Best Women’s Erotica 2014, and today she’s asked me to come on over and write a flash story. In fact, she offered me a challenge—dun dun DUN!—which I gladly accepted. Her response to the challenge is coming on Wednesday, but in the meantime, please hop on over to her site to read “Heat”!

More on what inspired the story and the challenge is posted there too, but to give you a little preview, I’ll leave you with this:

Picture of woman's hands wrapped around a sweaty man's stomach.

Now, please go read “Heat” at Oleander Plume’s. Hope you enjoy it!