The Kiss Me Quick's artwork for "Soundscapes" by Jade A. Waters. (Art by Big Daddy Caraway)

The Kiss Me Quick’s Podcast: Soundscapes

Oh, everyone…I’ve been so damn excited to tell you about this, and today is the day!

I’ve been listening to The Kiss Me Quick’s Erotica Podcast for some time now, and I’m forever blown away by what an incredible show it is. Rose Caraway is a fabulous narrator, and the stories she features are always a treat, especially as performed in her deliciously sexy voice!

So, imagine my surprise—and utter delight—when Rose asked if I would be interested in sharing a story with the KMQ. To be clear, there was dancing in my chair and a lot of squealing…and then the absolute pleasure of saying yes.

Or rather, yes yes yes!

Now, the story you’re going to hear over at the KMQ is called “Soundscapes,” and I have to admit that this one has a real-life backstory. Um, kind of…

Fantastic "Soundscapes" podcast art by Big Daddy Caraway!

Fantastic art by Big Daddy Caraway!

See, a couple years ago, I had a short-lived tryst with an extraordinarily bizarre deejay…the tryst was so short, in fact, that not much happened at all. Nonetheless, I went home and had the strangest dream—as I’m apt to do—about a deejay, a woman, and something about him crafting her soundscape. Upon waking, I remembered just enough to roll onto my side, wipe the sweat from my brow (yeah, it was good), and mutter, “Holy shit, that’s grounds for one weird story right there.” I jotted a few notes and put the idea aside, but I had a feeling that one day the dream might morph itself into a full story.

So, take a whole lot of creative license with a semi-incomplete and fantastical dream, mix it with the sensational voice of one talented Miss Rose Caraway, and add the incredible musical choices of Big Daddy, and I am ever so happy to share with you…

The Kiss Me Quick’s podcast of “Soundscapes.”

A giant thank you to Rose for honoring me with this opportunity! I couldn’t be more delighted to hear this story performed so damn well, and now to get to share it with all of you!

I do so hope you enjoy it. 🙂