A Brief Recap of The Big Book of Orgasms Reading at Good Vibrations!

I’m a squealer.

Let me just say that right now, upfront, so it’s clear for all eternity and in writing here on my site. I’m a big fangirl, and I get real damn excited when I’m happy.

That said—last night was fucking amazing. (I’d say pardon my french, but hello, you’re on an erotica author’s site.) I am honored and so truly blessed to have been in the presence of the talented people I got to read with last night.

Here’s the rundown:

The reading was hosted by the Polk Street Good Vibrations in their Vibrator Museum. I mean, how much more awesome of a venue could there be for an erotica reading?

Rachel Kramer Bussel kicked us off with her reading of the fabulous “I’m On Fire.” She, by the way, is the reason I’m published, so I had to really keep it together to not smother her in a gigantic hug. She’s pretty amazing, people. And she liked my shoes!

Lily K. Cho read “Chains of Love,” and having buddied up with her before the reading (she’s a newbie, too), I felt like a proud mama watching her go. Loved that story, girl!

Malin James read “Hard Knocks,” which is one of my most favorite stories in the whole book. Her reading was delightful, and she’s also a doll. And did I mention “Hard Knocks” is fantastic?

Sinclair Sexsmith didn’t read a story from TBBOO, instead reading a new piece. I believe it was called “Five Blowjobs.” I think. I’m still so flipping giddy I can’t remember. Regardless…It.Was.Fucking.Great!

Donna George Storey read “Book Lover.” Since I love the smell of paper, and I love her, I nearly lost it. She is a beautiful reader, as well, so if it was possible for someone to actually sound as smooth as chocolate looks coming out of a fondue fountain, then that’s how it went down. Really.

B.D. Swain was a newbie like me, but you wouldn’t know it listening to her read. I’m a huge fan. Huge. “The Beginning”—like pretty much everything I’ve seen by B.D. so far—is exquisite.

Virgie Tovar blew my mind with “Count the Strokes.” The story itself is so ridiculously delicious, and she’s quite the reader. I then had to follow her…go figure.

Xan West had to be one of the best readers of the night with “Baxter’s Boy.” The story is great, and Xan was so animated and alive reading it that it was a pleasure to watch!

And of course, there was little ole me. I read “The Flogger.” I was nervous as all hell, but I think I pulled through okay. My long-ago-theatre-girl self is ready for a round two, though, so I can attempt a read as impressive as the seasoned vets who schooled me. You people are astounding!

Want to see us all together? Click right here.

A giant thank you to Good Vibrations for hosting, Cleis Press for organizing (and for publishing me!), and to Rachel Kramer Bussel for flying out AND for choosing “The Flogger” to be in the collection. Without her, I would never have gotten the chance to fill you all in on such a tremendous experience. 🙂

Okay. Phew. I made it through this post.

Now, I must sign off to dance around my living room squealing again.


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