The Poem Challenge, Day 2: “You and Only You”

Welcome back, everyone! For those of you just tuning in, I launched a challenge for myself yesterday called the 7-Day Poem Challenge. This challenge is a twist on Tamsin Flowers’s suggestion in our last Pillow Talk Secrets episode, in which I write an erotic poem and post it live each day for seven days.

Today is Day 2, and as promised, I’ve written something new. This poem is called “You and Only You.” I hope you enjoy it…

Steamy image of couple kissing close together while naked

Jade A. Waters

He holds her
His chest against hers
His lips hovering near
The air between them is
Thick with desire
With the need burning
Deep inside her
Inside him.
His fingertips loop around her elbows
And he draws her nearer
Into him
“I’ve only wanted you,”
He says,
“You and only you.”
His eyes flicker with lust
His hips arch with yearning.
She meets him
As his hands slip around her waist
Pressing the naked flesh of her low back
Until his cock nestles against wanting flesh,
Glistening folds.
He leans down
His mouth so close
His breath is like candy on her lips
But he holds perfectly still like this,
Both of them shivering with the tension
Dancing between them,
Within them.
And she says,
“Then what are you waiting for?”


Would you like to read more of my poetry? You can find “Power” and “Pink” at The Erotic Woman (advisory: NSFW images on both links), and “Awake the Nymph” at Vanillerotica. Missed yesterday’s poem? “Morning Desire” is available right here.

See you tomorrow!


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