He’s Got Her

I rarely write while drinking. For one, I’m usually out with friends, and sitting down to pen something wouldn’t work in the moment. Then, there’s the fact that my creative process simply doesn’t flow under those circumstances. I might have some good ideas, but they won’t come to fruition in any sort of cohesive way until I’m completely clear-headed.

That’s why today’s poem is a bit of an anomaly for me. A month ago, my friend and I met and played our usual rounds of dice games over drinks at a local bar. And as the evening progressed, we shared a powerful conversation on those people who rip you right out of your comfort zone—loves who make you see things differently, move you in ways you didn’t imagine, and break straight through to your soul. Sadly, he had to leave soon after, but I was still buzzed and nowhere near ready to drive. So I sat in my car for a while, texting friends, reading blog posts, and replaying the conversation.

It was then this poem started writing itself, inspired by the heady nature of the discussion and some memories of my own. I wasn’t able to finish it that night, but I’ve finally pulled it up off my phone notes and touched up a few spots. For the most part, I left the original poem intact.

So today, I’d like to share “He’s Got Her” with you:

Man over woman looking breathless

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Jade A. Waters

He’s got her
Spread out
Her limbs stretched across this bed
Wrist to headboard
Foot to base
But this has nothing to do with
It’s the way he looks at her
The way he sees inside her soul,
The way his fingers dig
So deep inside her cunt,
Finding her secrets
Her truths
And all her dreams,
With the flick of his wrist and a glint in his eyes.
She thinks for a moment
It’s not right that he can do this,
Not right that he can take her
From cynical to believer in seconds
But he does,
Every time he holds her
Kisses her
Loves her.
This is what she realizes
As he circles her clit with his tongue
And drives those fingers inside;
He’s got her,
Caught her,
Ensnared her heart and soul in his net
For a lifetime to come
Because it’s supposed to be,
Was meant to be.
It is.
So when he thrusts into her,
Grunting, bearing, deep and loving,
She knows—
This love he takes from her
This love she freely shares,
It was never hers to give in the first place
Because she’s always
Belonged to him.


I hope you enjoyed it.


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  1. Jade, this is so lovely. And you’re right. There are some parts of us that we don’t own, that are reserved without us knowing – that are just sitting there waiting for their rightful owner to walk into our lives to claim them. Jane xxx

    • You nailed it, Jane – that’s just it. It was such an incredible conversation, I had to capture it somehow (and of course, you know how alcohol amps things up). Thank you for the lovely comment! XX

  2. Oh my you actually made me well up a bit with this piece. I know that feeling, that moment, that man. I waited so many years for him and I didn’t even believe love was a thing until he showed me it. I think it was always meant to be him, it just involved a rather long and odd journey for us to find one another


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