Victory Lap



Jade A. Waters

B/W image of speeding car

Image by Galina Barskaya

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He spotted her when he climbed out of the car—the announcer shouting something about Big Ted, number 78, 100 wins—but he didn’t hear much.

He didn’t care.

She took his hand, indifferent to the grease on his palm as the dust swirled and the engines rattled. She moved like a dream, leading him past the camera bulbs and children clutching their balloons, through the shouts coming loud and fast around him. The ends of her scarf blew behind her and against his cheek.

“Big win today, Big Ted.”

She smiled as she said it, her lips pink against luminescent skin before she dragged him away from the throng. She took him past the grandstand and all the way behind the hospitality booth, backing against the wall and easing up her dress. The fabric clung to her hips like Ted’s car hugged the track.

“Fuck me, Ted.”

His pulse revved. His breath stopped. Her hands raced his jumpsuit zipper down, then slipped inside. She drew out his cock and opened her mouth to his—wild like the slingshot curve of the final lap, twisting and sucking him tight. When she guided Ted between her thighs, she rubbed his tip against her silken folds with a moan.

“Now, baby,” she said.

Ted thrust.

Her cries were a whish of excitement in his ear—better than the race, better than the fans. She rocked against him and he drove his cock faster, his greasy handprints streaking over her white dress.

Nina bit his lip when she came, and Ted’s staggered finish was a second behind. He collapsed against her shoulder, loving her touch, her breath.

There was nothing like the thrill of his car whipping round the track.

Nothing, save for a victory lap with his wife.



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